Friday, February 12, 2010

The Question Nobody Asked: Is Harry Redknapp a Jinx? Every Club He Has Ever Managed Goes Into Administration

Harry Redknapp is one of the most likable managers in football, and like it or not, he is the top English manager in the game today. However, one stat links them all. At one stage or another they have all gone into administration. Bad news for Spurs?

As a manager, Redknapp is one of the few guys to have reached 1,000 games in the job. Over his vast management career, 27 years, he has managed five clubs...

Starting with Bournemouth in 1983-1992, to West Ham 1994-2001, to Portsmouth 2002-2004, before moving to arch rivals Southampton 2004-2005, and back to Pompey again 2005-2008, before finally ending up at his most profile club to date, Tottenham Hotspur 2008-present.

While his career may not be as littered with as many trophies as someone like Alex Ferguson, it does command respect as Redknapp was never in charge of a team who were realistic title contenders and had to make do with reduced budgets.

Now at Spurs, he is with a team who really do have the finances to challenge for trophies, but will 'Arry continue with his "wheeler-dealer" image? Or will he go for heavily priced players who are guaranteed to produce?

Either way, it is worth pointing out that Redknapp appears to be something of a jinx.

This won't make good reading for Spurs fans...

Bournemouth went into administration in 2008.

West Ham currently owe £100million and have asked every staff member, players included, to take a 25 percent pay cut from next season.

Portsmouth are as close to going into administration as you can get and are expected to receive their £20million relegation parachute payment early to pay off debts to the inland revenue.

And Southampton went into administration in 2009.

Of course, 'Arry was nowhere near any of these clubs when their financial bubbles burst, and he shares little blame as Chairmen spent way over their budgets, but he is the one concrete link between all the clubs.

So it begs the question...

Will Harry lead Spurs into the "Top Four", or administration...