Sunday, February 28, 2010

From Web Sites to Books, Arsenal's Andrei Arshavin Is a Comedy Genius.

Andrei Arshavin has many notches on his belt. World famous footballer, author, vice-champion of Russia, and promising Draughts player. But very few people actually know that he is also a comedic genius.

From being not being scared of Arsene Wenger and giving outspoken interviews, often criticizing his own team, Arshavin is not afraid to speak his own mind. He has even written a bizarrely named book, 555 Questions on Women, Money, Politics, Football...

In the book Arshavin speaks on anything and everything, from dreams about a world where he dreams of being a horse in a field, surrounded by guinea pigs to having to be pinned down by four medics as his dentist tried to pull out a tooth.

However, this all pales in comparison to his official website.

The site is the usual kind of thing you would expect from a sportsman. Profiles, history, plans etc. But hidden in the back of the site, Arshavin invites questions from people about anything, and I mean anything.

From answering questions on red shoelaces, to weather systems in Scotland, to curry, and football, the little genius has an answer for everything. Making his site one of the must see sites on the net for any fan.

Here is a sample of the kind of questions Arshavin gets asked...

1. From erlan95
Hello Andrey ...I am an Arsenal fan and I go to London very often as I’m a footballer from Kazakhstan! And I go to London as a team captain. I know your address in London! May I come to visit you and to take an autograph? I’ll bring presents .. There’ll be my coach ,my younger brother who plays for Brazil and I...?? I'm 19 years old .. Will you let in me?
Arshavin: My grandmother used to teach me that it’s bad manners to invite yourself to somebody’s house.

2. From ahjkaa
Andrey, what do you think about handball players?
Arshavin: Handball, handball ... In the past, I used to watch this game when Tuchkin and Torgavanov played...

3. From 27289282
Andrey, tell me, please, whether Alexander Anyukov is married and if he has any children? How are your Artyom and Yana?
Arshavin: My children are growing. Sasha Anyukov has no children.

4. From AssetKZ
Hello Andrey, I’ve been watching you in Arsenal and I’m very happy with your performance, Arsenal has changed for the better since you came, Fabregas, Arshavin, Nasri – I think, it’s the best attack line in Europe! Q: Don’t you think that defenders while taking part in the attack, go too far and don’t have enough time to return back to their positions when counter-attack? Is there any reason to use attacking defenders?
Arshavin: In modern football, the defenders are obliged to go forward.

5. From mail1206
Hello Andrey! You supported Nike and (RED) partner project, aimed at combating HIV / AIDS in Africa. In the video you took part in, you ate shoelaces for some reason! I want to know why you ate red shoelaces? You are not fed at home?
Arshavin: At home I’m fed only with blue ones.

6. From McRussian
Do you have an opportunity to travel a little in your spare time? There are a lot of great places in Britain especially in Scotland)). Come to Scotland (not just to score against Celtic Park), we’ll go north, in the mountains! Or we can go to have a look at the ocean!
Arshavin: Yes, I’ve heard a lot about it. But I'm afraid I won’t be able to come. A trip like this takes at least 3 days: two days for the road and one for sightseeing. The team has no more than 2 days off. Somehow I feel that we won’t go to Scotland even after my career is over.

7. From natalika
What number do you like to play under?
Arshavin: In Zenith it was 10. Here - 23.

8. From Kazakhstan
Hello, I would like to ask you a question. Was it difficult to learn to play football??)
Arshavin: I found it easy.

9. From still77
Are you friends with Pavlyuchenko family. Are you close with Zhirkov and Bilyaletdinov? Or you don’t communicate for some reasons?
Arshavin: I exchange text messages with Diniyar. We meet with Yura, but rarely, his schedule of games does not coincide with mine. In addition, Yura lives very far from us.

10. From Misora
Andrey, is it possible to meet you in London?
Arshavin: If I live here, then there is a chance.

11. From Vladislav770
Hello, Andrey! I’ve watched all the TV programs about you, about your life in England! I try to watch all Arsenal games! I have a question. Is it true that you get up every morning at 8: 00 to make a long jog in order to be in good shape? Aren’t you tired of it? And one more. Was it difficult to adapt to England? Thank you in advance!
Arshavin: I quit it for the time being.

12. From TOSTAO
Hi Andrey! My name is Artem, I’ve been playing football since I was 8 years old and I want to become a professional footballer, but I'm not tall, so I have to run fast! How fast did you run a 30 meter or a 60 meter distance when you were 15?
Arshavin: I don’t remember.

13. From sashax7xl
Hello Andrey, I’ve been playing football half a year now. All this time I played the field and now I begin to wonder maybe I should become a goalie. What would you recommend?
Arshavin: To think about it.

14. From PashaShiry
Have you ever been to Stavropol?
Arshavin: No

Bizarre, but great fun.