Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We wrote this version when Jol was manager, but it's still apt...

We've been coming out of our cage

And we've been doing just fine.

Gotta get in the top four

Because we want it all.

It started out when I was a kid.

How did it end up like this?

I was only a kid!

I was only a kid!

Now I'm falling asleep,

And we've just won a cup.

Who's the next one to leave,

And when will it stop?

And they're going to United,

And my stomach is sick,

And it's all in my head,

But Keanes playing with Rafa's beard

And Berba was class.

Let me know.

And I just can't's killing me,

And taking control.

Jealousy, watching Arsenal win the league,

Sleeping with sick lullabies,

Choking on our alibis.

But that's just the price I've paid.

Destiny is calling me.

Open up my eager eyes.

We're Juande Ramos' side.

(Repeat all)

Dedicated to every fan outside the top four, who have to keep the bright side because we'll never win the league. Well, City might buy it, but that'll take ages, so this is for you guys, too.

I'm going to bed. At least Spurs won tonight...woo woo!