Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kevin Nash Signs a New Deal at TNA

Kevin Nash, who had been telling anyone who would listen that he was going to WWE for one last hurrah, has reportedly signed a new deal keeping him at TNA for the next few years...

You know, you can't really be surprised by Nash signing a new deal for TNA. Say what you like about Big Sexy's lack of moves in the ring but outside the ring the guy is a master of control, especially the business side of wrestling.

When rumours went around a few months ago that Nash could be ready to jump ship, you've got to wonder if he put those rumours out there himself as a negotiating ploy to hurry TNA into re-signing him.

Wrestling is a dog eat dog business and you've got to say that Kevin Nash has come out top dog time and time again, no matter what company he's been with. Hey, it's not his fault he's offered fabulous contracts, and who could blame him for taking them?

Nash is 50 next year and it would be next to impossible to see him in WWE anytime in the near future. Especially as an in-ring performer. Considering that WWE is in the middle of a huge shake up on RAW where guys in their 20s are receiving a push lately it would be hard to see where Nash would fit in.

The lighter schedule at TNA suits Nash, his mounting injury problems have reduced his performances to maybe three a month and he has creative control on his character. Recently he refused to participate in a battle-royal where he would be eliminated during an ad-break.

You couldn't see Vince giving Nash a key role at this stage of his career. It could upset the locker-room that McMahon is carefully weaving into what could be one of the best under the WWE banner.

Like it or loathe it, TNA and Nash seems the right match up for now. He brings great gravitas to his role but because of his injuries he can't compete at main event level.

So TNA gain a great ambassador but at what price?