Monday, October 27, 2008

WWE: Cyber Sunday Review and Reflection as Batista, 'Taker, and Triple H All Win

Well Cyber Sunday has come and gone for another year. And while none of the bouts were five* bouts the show was pretty solid. Batista got his title back after a couple of attempts, and while I feel he was always the right choice to be the next champion, I think it was too soon to take the strap from Chris Jericho.

Chris has made wrestling watchable again recently with his in-ring and out-of-ring charisma. He never has an off day, and can get great matches with almost everyone he steps into the ring with. I think his feud (if you can call it that) with Batista could have gone on for another PPV or two, and it is a little ironic that it was the heel who was cheated last night.

But when I sit down and think about it, Batista winning was the only way it could have ended. Batista needed to stay looking strong and with Austin back in the fold, he couldn't appear to be easily outwitted, so Jericho losing was the only way. Unfortunately.

WWE World Heavyweight Title

Stone Cold being chosen as referee was always going to happen, but as predicted the other participants in the referee vote got involved too, along with JBL. The match itself wasn't great but the ending was top drawer.

Batista knocked Austin out of the ring and then turned around into a Codebreaker, Jericho went for the pin but Stone Cold was out cold. In comes Special referee No. 2 as Michael's gave the longest three-count in history that eventually saw Batista kick out. Orton then made his way to the ring to lay out Batista but ended up on the receiving end of a Stunner that he sold beautifully.

As Austin then went to Stun Jericho, the champ avoided it but walked straight into a Batista spear before taking a vicious Batista-Bomb. 1-2-3 and Batista is drinking beer with Austin.

The finish means that Jericho will probably feature in the main event against Batista in the next PPV as he can claim he was cheated by Austin and Michael's.

WWE Championship Title-

Triple H defeated Jeff Hardy after Hardy seemingly had the match won and went for a Swanton-Bomb too many. The bout ended after Hunter caught Jeff on the top rope and carried his body off vertically leaving his feet on the ropes, he then hit a pedigree to gain the win. Is Triple H ever going to let Hardy go over?

No matter how hard WWE have pushed Kozlov recently, the voting reflected that he wasn't even considered for a ring appearance. The bout itself was another good one between these two.

They've a great chemistry with each other and obviously enjoy being in the ring with other, judging by how they sell each others moves. But surely Jeff is due a win against Triple H. He has jobbed to him on numerous occasions of late, now it's time for Hunter to return the favour.

Undertaker v Big Show

After a Last Man Standing match won the vote you knew this was going to be a physical battle. Big Show retained his monster heel status, as the Undertaker won this intensive fight. After battering the Undertaker for nearly 22 minutes the Big Show went for the kill, only to fall foul of a submission hold that saw him choked out for the ten-count.

This isn't the first time WWE and more to the point Mark Calaway has mimicked UFC, last nights bout was similar to Brock Lesnar's debut where he battered his opponent only to get caught out with a submission hold and lose the fight. Years ago 'Taker and Angle mimicked a famous Matt Hughes UFC bout.

The move 'Taker used to win last night was banned by Vickie Guerrero a few months ago, so expect a little retribution on Smack Down.

ECW Championship

This bout had the possibility of being match of the night, after Evan Bourne won the voting by a landslide. But initially Hardy looked uncomfortable in his new role of being the bigger in the pairing. Bourne is way "over" with the fans, and Hardy was booed a number of times when he went looking for the Twist of Fate.

But Bourne accounted well for himself, and he wasn't over-awed by his more experienced foe. Eventually he went for the Shooting Star Press but Hardy avoided it, and soon after he hit the Twist for the win.

The pairing eventually found their rhythm together and could and should face each other again, sooner rather than later.

Rey Mysterio v Kane

For one so big and one so small, these guys really have great chemistry together. Mysterio has brought out Kane's best performances in years, and last nights was no exception. Mysterio would gain the win after getting the 619 on the third attempt.

Unfortunately or fortunately this feud has run it's course. It's hard to see them at another PPV together but if Kane was to revert to his Mask days, that could throw fuel on this dwindling fire.

Intercontinental Title

Honky Tonk won after Santino was disqualified. This match-up was short and sweet. It always had to be due to Honky's ring rust. He gained the win after Beth Phoenix tripped Honky Tonk. And after Santino blew a fuse at Beth both Piper and Goldust interfered. The only surprising thing was Marella not getting hit with the guitar.

Before the match Santino was awesome on the mic, and he drew a lot of heat from the crowd. He really has cemented himself as one of the best mic workers in the ring today, how Beth Phoenix stopped herself from laughing we'll never know.

Cryme Tyme v Morrison and The Miz

Pretty straight forward match-up between these four. LAX light were made to look good by M & M. Morrison looks like he could have a great future in the squared circle and the only real shocker of the night was the fans voting for this fight instead of CM Punk and Kingston versus Cody Rhodes and DiBiase Jr.

It's a mystery to me.

Incidentally Punk has gone from being champ and main eventing two PPV ago to not even making the card.

He must have run over Vince's black cat or something.

WWE Diva's Halloween Costume Contest

If the girls got to choose their costumes then fair play to Mickie James for choosing a costume that didn't show too much flesh.

If the girls didn't choose their own costumes then someone in the WWE has it in for Victoria. Making her dress as a banana? When some of the other girls wore lingerie and movie costumes?

I think it's time she moved to TNA.