Saturday, October 25, 2008

WWE: Cyber Sunday Preview

Cyber Sunday is a strange WWE PPV. There's much to ponder: Are the bouts already decided? Do we actually need to vote? Is it just a money-making gimmick? Does the WWE actually read the tallies and adjust their future programming accordingly?

There's plenty to think about, but that's for another time. Here's my take of the most unpredictable of PPVs.

WWE Championship

The fans have to decide whom they want Triple H to face. Jeff Hardy, Kozlov, or both.

I'd go for the Triple-Threat Match myself. Kozlov has been impressive as a monster heel, and so far all of his bouts, bar one, have been a squash. I can't see WWE giving him the strap this early in his career, especially as he is so inexperienced. And he needs a good performance in the triple threat to keep him in the main-event level.

After seeing Hardy lose out last month, I expect him to pull it out of the fire on Sunday. He should pin Kozlov to gain the title, and in that way, Triple H remains strong while the finish will decide if Kozlov will remain strong, too. There's still mileage between these three, so I expect this program to continue.

Undertaker v Big Show

The fans decide on the type of match. Knockout, I Quit, or Last Man Standing.

I think the Last Man Standing bout could win here, but realistically they're all the same anyway.

Undertaker returned at Unforgiven to job for the Big Show, who's in the middle of another push. Mark Calaway is close to the end of his career as "The Phenom." And I expect him to go out all guns blazing in Wrestlemania. With that in mind, I expect 'Taker to lose against Big Show on Sunday.

This program will return as the Big Show will be made to look unstoppable, eventually losing to 'Taker in Wrestlemania.

World Heavyweight Championship

The fans decide on who will referee: Stone Cold, Randy Orton or Sean Michaels.

There isn't the same feeling to this bout as there has been to Jericho's recent bouts. There's no real story here, no psychology for us to get our heads around. Just a big-muscled baby-face against a small weaselly heel.

The real story is in who will referee. Stone Cold looks a dead cert. But that doesn't mean the other two won't interfere. Michaels has recent history with Jericho, and their feud has been the best thing in wrestling during the last year. A real old-school story that went back and forth with these two putting on show-stealing bouts, PPV after PPV.

I still don't think they're finished yet, but the feud needs space to breathe, and I can see Michael's interfering to try to hand the win to big Dave.

Orton is also in the middle of a re-characterisation, Stone Cold style, and it is right that he comes face to face with the man his current character is based on. It's refreshing to have an ambivalent character who's neither face nor heel, and Orton is the right guy at the right time for such a role.

The match won't be a classic. Batista's style dictates that. But Jericho is the best mechanic in the business, and if anyone can get a five-star match from big Dave, it'll be him.

I expect Jericho to retain the title after interference from all the referees, ending with Jericho receiving a Stunner. This should plant the seeds for Jericho/Michaels Part II, Orton/Stone Cold at Wrestlemania, and Big Dave versus Jericho at a later date.

Kane v Rey Mysterio

Fans choose the type of match: Falls Count Anywhere, Two Out of Three Falls, and No-Holds Barred.

I think the two out of three falls makes sense. It would keep the bout within the confines of the ring, thus taking advantage of Mysterio's lucha moves, and would give the same result of putting both over as legitimate tough guys.

I can see Mysterio going over in this one; Kane is a great monster, but recently his character has gone stale. A loss resulting in him donning his mask once more could rejuvanate him. If Mysterio wins, he moves on and could become a challenger to Chris Jericho. If Kane wins, you can't really see him going anywhere else.

ECW Title Match

Fans decide who Matt Hardy will face: Mark Henry, Evan Bourne, or Finlay.

If the fans don't choose Evan Bourne, I know that wrestling knowledge has finally died and gone to heaven. Bourne has been a revelation in his handful of appearances on RAW this year. He has impressed everytime he's been on TV, and it shows huge faith in him by WWE to have him involved in a title match so soon.

He's a rookie to WWE, but to any who've followed his career, Evan Bourne is destined for greatness. I expect Matt Hardy to retain his title, but this should be match of the night. Mark Henry will have some part to play, so don't be surprised to see Bourne walk away with the strap.

Intercontinental Title

Fans choose Santino Marella's opponent: Roddy Piper, Honky Tonk Man, or Goldust.

Don't be surprised if the phone-in votes end tied and this match turns into a Triple Threat or Fatal Fourway. This is the comedy match of the night and could be brilliant or an out and out disaster.

That's why I expect it to feature more than one legend. Honky looks odds-on he'll start against Marella and WWE could put Piper in as an insurance policy against Honky's ring rust. Marella should retain his title, but Beth Phoenix turning on him is not far away. I expect her to play some part, too. Just don't be surprised if the Iron Sheik turns up, too.

Diva Halloween Costume Contest

Who cares?

Cyber Sunday Preview Match- US Title

Fans choose Shelton Benjamin's opponent: R-Truth, MVP, or Festus.

Why this match isn't on the match card is anyone's guess. Should MVP or R-Truth get the nod, it would have been a match of the night contender. I expect R-Truth to get the nod ahead of MVP.

I don't know what MVP has done to Vince recently, but he has continually gotten jobbed of late. R-Truth is hot at the moment and will eventually feature in a program against John Cena, so him winning here makes sense.

If he does win, it sets up an interesting program with both MVP and Benjamin.

That's my take on Cyber Sunday. It's normally impossible to predict a PPV, and with this one, it's worse than normal, so what could happen is anybody's guess.