Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hold the Back Page PODCAST: EPL Winners and Losers of 2011

Hold the BackPage - The year that was... by bpfootball

In the final Hold the BackPage podcast for the year, Neil Sherwin, Ger McCarthy and Willie Gannon look back at 2011 in the world of football, while the latest Premier League action also gets dissected.

The podcast begins talk of Christmas presents before the lads move onto a round up of the festive Premier League matches. (2:30) Ger McCarthy and Willie Gannon share their thoughts on Tottenham Hotspur's rich vein on form but Neil isn't too convinced that Harry's side can maintain their current good run.

Will wax's lyrical about the latest Gareth Bale show and wonders about the lack of media pressure on Harry Redknapp's team being a major factor in their current form.

(6:30) The Pod also question why nobody took a chance on Scott Parker during the summer leaving the door open for Redknapp to sign the English international.

(7:45) Neil Sherwin continues with to complain about teams rolling over against Manchester United, while there’s a look at the other big talking points from the Christmas fixtures including some shocking refereeing decisions. However, Willie and Ger disagree with Neil to some degree...

(11:00) Ger doesn't like Wigan or Roberto Martinez though and absolutely slaughters them for their lack of effort at Old Trafford last weekend.
Just to prove his point though, Neil predicts Blackburn Rovers rolling over at Old Trafford this coming weekend.

(18:45) The pod then turn their attention towards the current situation at Liverpool and Kenny Dalglish with the general consensus being that the Reds have stood still this term after spending a lot of money with Andy Carroll's future at the club being questioned on all levels. Willie then goes on to make a bold prediction that pressure will heap upon Dalglish and the club if they don't improve significantly towards the end of the season.

(24:00) Ger feels that while the Reds have handled the Suarez debacle terribly he can see the skeleton of a very good top four side but that they'll need a number of top class players to do it. He doesn't feel Dalglish will be the man to bring the great days back to the club though...

(27:30) With referees being under the spotlight yet again the pod rehash the age old debate about the future of the men in the middle with Ger and Willie agreeing on video referees while Neil would prefer corporal punishment to improve their decisions!

Part two of the pod is all about reviewing 2011 and the lads sift their way through ten different categories to discuss the high points and lowlights of the past 12 months.

The catagories being...

1- Manager of the Year (31:30)
2- Team of the Year (34:00)
3- Player of the Year (37:30)
4- Surprise of the Year... (39:00)
5- Big Winner of the Year (41:30)
6- Big Loser of the Year (43:00)
7- Moments of the Year (44:50)
8- Matches of the Year (47:45)
9- Pundit of the Year (50:30)
10- Best Movie of the Year! (54:00)
11- Best Goal (54:00)

Some bold predictions for 2012... (61.00)

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