Friday, March 5, 2010

WARNING: Manchester United PC Virus

Major Virus Alert

Everybody please watch out for the following viruses ...

The Manchester Utd Virus ... This is where your PC thinks it's far superior than any other PC and develops a complex disorder, except when the password LEEDS UNITED is entered .

The Alex Ferguson Virus ... The computer develops a continuous whining noise when losing power and will refuse to accept time outs even when being shut down.

The Berbatov Virus ... This affects newer PC's mainly. The computer looks great, all the lights are on, but nothing works.

The Rooney Virus ... This one is particularly nasty and will throw you out of Windows ...

The Foster Virus .... This one's not particularly harmful - but you just can't save anything.

The Brown Virus ..... Just when you think things can't get any worse, this one pops up and causes a calamitous error.

The Nani Virus ... The computer develops a processor problem, whereby it thinks it's better than it actually is. It also experiences dramatic fluctuation in performance.

The Neville Virus .... This is a particularly ugly one.

The Man Utd Shirt Virus... This one is especially hard to detect as it changes its format every 3 months