Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Great Experiment. Determining The Most Popular EPL Team On The Net

In a scientific experiment that took weeks to compile, concerning the popularity of English Premiership teams on the Internet, I can now with 100 percent certainty announce which clubs are the most popular...

There were a few surprises concerning some of the big clubs, which proved after intensive scrutiny, that they were not as popular amongst the fans on the Internet as many would believe. Liverpool came in quite low when compared to the other leading clubs in the EPL.

Perhaps most surprising of all, is that Manchester United is not the most popular team from England. That honour goes to Chelsea. Another massive surprise was the popularity of Wolves, easily one of the biggest clubs on the net, where the EPL is concerned.

The figures beside each team is a carefully calculated figure concerning the popularity of the aforementioned club. It was compiled after a rigorous formula was attached to each team.

As a result of the intensive investigation, we needed to take some time off, not only from our beloved website, but also from our day jobs. We were completely burnt out.

If any of you would like to see the formula, so that you can see that this experiment was completed in all honesty, you can leave a note on the article.

Be warned, to understand the formula, you may need to have studied physics.

Arsenal 39.1

Aston Villa 16.2

Birmingham 0.38

Blackburn 4.76

Bolton 2.65

Burnley 0.49

Chelsea 50.6

Everton 10.3

Fulham 7.3

Hull 4.2

Liverpool 13.4

Man City 26.2

Man Utd 46.6

Portsmouth 0.98

Stoke City 7

Sunderland 0.95

Tottenham Hotspur 10.6

West Ham 5.5

Wigan 3.49

Wolves 11.2

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