Friday, August 7, 2009

Everton Unveil Their New Away Jersey With a Haka For Liverpool

Everton have finally unveiled their new 2009/10 away jersey.

To huge fan-fare, the official Everton shop was taken over by a bunch of pink pin-striped Maori's who proceded to give their version of the Haka, which was aimed at city rivals Liverpool.

The pink pin-striped ensemble is not the worst away kit we've seen this season. Newcastle, Partick Thistle, and a few others have really out done themselves, but even still, come on lads...a Haka?

I don't know, maybe it will inspire Jolean Lescott to stay..
I even went as far as to look up the official Everton website, just in case the YouTube video that had assailed me was a fake (as if anyone would go to that length to piss someone off)...actually now that I think of it, Manchester City did just that last week, when they ordered a massive billboard welcoming Carlos Tevez to Manchester, just to have a go at United...

Anyway, I digress; I looked up their site, saw that yes the jersey and indeed the haka were real and decided to download the above photo of Leon Osman.

And guess what called the photo of one of their best players?

Dummy—Yup, I downloaded a dummy.

If this is an example of the brain trust at Everton at work, Lescott might be better off moving.
Then again, City aren't the brightest either...

To see the YouTube clip of the haka, click here. It's a doozie

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