Saturday, January 30, 2010

Birth Rate in Barcelona Explodes By 45 Percent: The Iniesta Generation?

It would seem that Barcelona is not just a hotbed for footballing passion. Barely nine months since their famous wins over Chelsea and Manchester United in the Champions League, the birth rate has soared by 45 percent in the Catalan city...

The exponential rise in births in Barcelona has been traced directly back to last May, where on May 2nd, Andres Iniesta fired Barca through to the Champions League Final with the winning goal against Chelsea.

This goal seems to be the catalyst for a whole month of "celebrating" in Barcelona, as the club swept to victory in the league over Real Madrid and comprehensively beat Manchester United in the Champions League Final. (Read - Brilliant Barcelona and Magnificent Messi Humble United and Ronaldo)

While little Lionel Messi may have been the inspiration behind an incredible season, it would seem that Iniesta has become the inspiration for something entirely different...

A survey in the Catalan capital has revealed that birth rates are currently experiencing a 45 percent increase. And strangely enough, it's around nine months since those monumental games took place.

"When we notice some sort of surge, we look for the reason, and it's evident that the cause of the increase this week is the euphoria of Barca fans thanks to the huge win over Madrid and Iniesta's goal (against Chelsea)," said Mercedes Rodriguez from Barcelona's Quiron Clinic.

The surge in the birth rate has actually left hospitals struggling to find enough maternity beds for what will be forever known as the "Iniesta Generation."

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