Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Irish Peterborough Owner To Quit After Racist Abuse From Own Fans

Irish millionaire Darragh MacAnthony has signalled that he is willing to part company with Peterborough after coming in for some racist abuse from irate fans over the clubs recent poor run.

The property tycoon took over Posh in 2006 to become the youngest Chairman in English football. At the time, Posh were in League Two and the young Irishman came in with a seven year plan to stabilise the club and reach the Championship.

That ambition was achieved in only two seasons as Peterborough rose through the ranks of English football with Darren Ferguson at the helm.

However, a desperate start to the season saw Posh rooted to the foot of the table and in November the club parted company with young Fergie.
"I have always said that I only want what's best for the football club on and off the field and if that involved me selling and moving on, that's what I shall do if it's for the good of the club," MacAnthony said.
"For me it was about something much more important, achieving the impossible and enjoying it by turning a less fashionable club into a success story and seeing it all the way through to the end.
"The one thing I have never stopped is my support for the club since day one and even over the last year, with the business world turning to s***, I have still supported the club through thick and thin."
MacAnthony is estimated to have lost a substantial amount of his estimated £68m as his company MRI Holdings have been badly hit in the current economic downturn.

The Irishman was clearly shocked by the verbal attack he received from the Posh fans and will step aside if that is their wish.
"So, if people want a new chairman at Posh, I will of course step down and do what's right for the club and its brilliant fans," he continued.
"But at the last game I experienced something I felt would never happen at my club and that was hatred and aggression aimed straight at me in the directors box after Swansea had scored their second goal.
"An irate fan screamed at me that I was an Irish b****** and to f*** off back to Ireland and take the team with me.
"I appreciate we all get emotional if the team is losing, but I would never expect this kind of abuse at my own ground and I am glad that my wife did not attend that match.
"I had planned on bringing my four-year-old son to the Watford match, but I would not expose my child to that kind of hatred and aggression and this has put me at a big low point as owner of the club.
"It's a shame for people to throw the towel in after four months and become abusive and desert the team."
As it stands Peterborough are seven points adrift at the bottom of the league and are favourites to be relegated. The club needs to turn things around quickly, whether MacAnthony will be there remains to be seen.