Thursday, November 6, 2008

West Ham Extend an Invitation to Barack Obama

Despite their owner being in financial peril and results not exactly going their way recently, West Ham have moved swiftly to invite the most powerful man on the planet to see them play at Upton Park.

In a shrewd move, perhaps to gain publicity, perhaps to seek a new American owner, West Ham today joined leaders from around the world in extending an open invitation to President-elect Barack Obama in the hope that he will come and visit the famed club from East London.

Obama, a big soccer fan, went to see West Ham play in 2003 and became smitten with the English club. And the Hammers were quick off the mark to voice their support for Obama following his Presidential win on Tuesday:

"We are very proud of what Barack Obama has achieved, and respect what he has done" said Director Mike Lee today. "We plan to send him a letter of congratulations, and invite him to come to a game in Upton Park the next time he is in London," he added.

A huge fans of sports in general, Obama's interest in soccer has grown over the last six years as his 10-year-old daughter Malia is an avid soccer fan and plays soccer for a local team in Chicago. And that interest seems sure to grow as the first professional female soccer league in the world seems destined to start in the US in the very near future.

Obama was in Britain last July and is believed to have made enquiries about going to see West Ham play, but as the season had yet to begin he was unable to catch a game.

If West Ham get their wish and Obama does visit it could be the most televised sporting event in the world this or any year, as well as giving the British Police and the CIA one of the biggest security events they've ever had to manage.

twitter / WillieGannon